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Brainy Apples: Tips for Transition from Elementary School to Middle School
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Tips for Transition from Elementary School to Middle School

I taught elementary school for 14 years. I knew exactly what I was doing (most of the time). But when I moved up to teaching middle school, I found myself struggling like a brand new teacher. Changing grade levels can really throw you off your teaching game.

Here are some tips that I wanted to share with anyone venturing from elementary school to middle school. I made this checklist so you can remind yourself of some of the important differences between elementary school and middle school to help you make a smooth transition. You can click {HERE} or the image below to download the tips page. (Shout out to Ta-Doodles Illustrations for the clipart and Kimberly Geswein for the fonts!)

I share some of my biggest learning curves in the video below:

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  2. Adjust your sense of humor to their own I would rather say:) I've been teaching MS for a couple of years already and still tend to forget that the kind of jokes I think of as long outdated and childish they hear for the first time. And the bathroom policy is a must. Thank you:)

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