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Brainy Apples: Easy Ways to Integrate Literacy With Your Science & Social Studies
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Easy Ways to Integrate Literacy With Your Science & Social Studies

Feel like you never have enough time to teach it all? Me, too! But once I started integrating literacy with my science and social studies, I suddenly found the time I had been missing.

Click on my video to learn how I integrate literacy into science & social studies:

Click on the image below for a freebie graphic organizer your students can use during science/social studies! It is differentiated for grades 1-5.

Want to read more about content integration? Here are blog posts I have written about using RAFT, performance tasks, and an online resource called DocTeach

I do have some EXCITING news! I am going to be offering a free LIVE webinars! Click {here} to view the upcoming dates and times, and you can also reserve your seat! I hope to see you there!
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