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Brainy Apples: Advent Calendar Over at Primary Chalkboard!
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Advent Calendar Over at Primary Chalkboard!

It's finally December! And you know what that means???? Aside from crazy students and the never-ending school day? :)

It's time for the Chalkies over at The Primary Chalkboard to do something really special for y'all!
So, what is it, you ask? We decided to put together a fun Advent Calendar! I can't tell you what's hidden behind each door, because, well, it's a surprise! Every day beginning TODAY, yes, you read that right, TODAY, head on over to The Primary Chalkboard to see which Chalkie is  offering what up as a surprise :) Check back EVERY day now until Christmas for a little special goodie! You can only get that special goodie for that one day! We know you are going to love the surprises we have planned :)

You can do it!!!

**Please excuse any typos as I don't have the super power of being perfect :)

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