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Brainy Apples: Chalkies Take Over Vegas! Whoop Whoop!!
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Chalkies Take Over Vegas! Whoop Whoop!!

Can I just say how stinkin' excited I am right now! On my way to Vegas with my friend Jen Bengel from Out of This World Literacy, and can I just say HOW EXCITED I AM?!?!?!?! Jen stayed at my house last night for an early morning flight, so it was fun to finally meet her and have a pre-Vegas slumber party! We had some great entertainment watching my two sons pluck tobacco caterpillars off our tommy-toe plant. That's their new daily chore :) Our flight leaves at 10:30am, but we have to get up and leave early to beat Atlanta traffic. Before I head off to bed (which I am super tired because I had to pack and unpack, and repack a gazillion times because my suitcase was over 50 pounds!), I wanted to let you all know about a little something me and my pals over at Primary Chalkboard are doing to celebrate our Vegas trip!

Why are we all heading to Vegas, you ask? (Sorry, had to go a bit Yoda on you).
For the 1st ever TeachersPayTeachers Conference, of course! This place is amaaaaaazing! 
I am here meeting up with teachers and bloggers from around the WORLD. How cool is that?!
Not to mention, my girls (and Greg) from The Primary Chalkboard are here! 

(Check back soon for our Vegas group pic!)

If you can't be here with us, what better way to celebrate than with a SALE?! 
We are hosting a *Las Vegas Style* Double or Nothing Sale!

20% off my whole store July 10th and 11th!

It is the perfect time to stock up on things for Back to School!

If you are in need of daily math practice, check out my Daily Math Reviews. I created a daily spiraling math review for grades 1-5 and one for every month. I have received many great reviews on this product line. You can purchase each month separately, or you can purchase in either a 3, 6, or 12 month bundle. The greater the bundle, the greater the discount! You can click on the following links to be taken to each grade level's page: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th. Starting off the year with these reviews will help your students learn new material more quickly because they will have already been exposed to the skills daily, AND your students will keep learned skills sharp. Each week is a different them that relates to that particular month, so students really enjoy completing the problems. Each grade level has the same theme each week, so if you have a split-grade class, or students who are struggling or advanced in math, you can use different grade levels but students will be completing similar problems. Plus there are answer keys so students can self-check, and you can quickly assess the pages.
 Here is a page from my August 4the grade edition.

Here is a page from my August 2nd grade edition.

You may also want to check out my Word Problem of the Day, too. Many teachers have used both my Daily Math reviews and my Word Problem of the Day to thoroughly review and teach math skills. Like, my Daily Math Reviews, each week has a theme that pertains to the month, and it goes along with the Daily Math Review themes. I am currently working on the fall months, and they will be available before the month begins (i.e. August will be ready in July, September will be ready in August, etc.) You can buy these by the month, too, or you can purchase a 6 month bundle at a discounted price. You can click on the following links to be taken to each grade level's page: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th. Start of your year with these and your students will become proficient problem-solvers! And I have included answer keys because who doesn't love answer keys?
Here is a page from my March 1st grade edition (I am working on August).

Here is a page from my March 5th grade edition (I am working on August).

Need some reading items? You will definitely want to look over my Close Read products! I have created an Interactive Notebook that incorporates Close Reads so you can have the best of both worlds! I have grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 available. For each of these grades there is a Literature INB and an Informational Text INB. Or you can buy the bundle at a discount! Be sure to look at my freebie sampler for each one, too! Not quite ready for the leap yet? Look at my Interactive Notebook for Close Reads Beginner's Kit to get your feet wet! You can use this product in grades 1-5. This is my 2nd best-selling product with over 100 positive reviews! It's a great way to get started implementing Close Reads. Need help writing Close Read questions? My Question Stems for Close Reads will help you! It's my best-selling product with over 150 positive reviews, and it contains stems for both informational text and literature. Perfect for grades 1-5.

 Peek at the Beginner's Kit INB

Peek at the Informational Text INB

Peek at the Literature INB

Needing some integration help? I have started a new product line that integrates Close Reads and the content areas. Right now I have my American Revolutionary War Heroes pack available for grades 3, 4, and 5, or you can purchase the bundle at a discount and for the varying reading levels in your classroom. Each pack has a freebie sampler you can check out, too. I am going to be adding more to this line because so far the response has been awesome, and they are pretty popular! Each grade level pack has 11 informational text passages written by me, with approximate reading level listed, and there are 2 pages of Close Read questions for each person. That's 22 pages of questions! Each question page comes either labeled with the CCSS or without the label. That way you can use a 3rd grade and a 4th grade version and you students won't know :) And, of course, there are answer keys for quick and easy smeazy grading!

Here are pages from the 3rd grade pack for Abigail Adams.

Here are pages from the 5th grade pack for Sam Adams.

And, lastly, here are 2 products that are quick and easy for your first day back to school. I love having my students complete a Graph of the Day, and this one is perfect for getting to know your students, and them getting to know each other! And I ALWAYS have my students create a class procedure book called "How We Do Things in Our Class." It helps students learn the routines and your expectations as well as letting them have a hand in it.

Be sure to follow to stay updated with my Facebook page, because I am going to be posting a week long Double Down Giveaway, too! And if you want to know about some of my Vegas happenings, be sure to follow me on Instagram, too!
**Please excuse any typos as I don't have the super power of being perfect :)

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