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Brainy Apples: "It's All New" at The Teacher Studio
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"It's All New" at The Teacher Studio

My friend Meg is hosting an "It's All New" giveaway on her blog, The Teacher Studio, and I am fortunate enough to be participating today! She has an all new look and it's her one year blog-iversary. So much to celebrate! If you want to read her post that explains how she is hosting a different giveaway every day this week, click here.

What can you win, you ask? Why, $10 to each contributor's store, that's what! Which is perfect because you can choose exactly what you want! That means each day you could win $120 worth of products YOU choose. Can it be any better?(said with my best Chandler voice…you Friends lovers will know what I'm talking about!)

Before I give you the details on how to enter today's giveaway that features some pretty amazing 4th and 5th grade bloggers/sellers, I want to take a minute to introduce a new line of products I have been working on for a while now. I am excited to present my line of Interactive Notebooks for Close Reads. We all know how important Close Reads are, and we know how engaging Interactive Notebooks are for students to use, so I decided to marry the two! And the result is a pretty cute, yet functional and effective kid :)

Right now I have 2nd-5th grade Interactive Notebooks for Informational Text as well as a Beginner's Kit if you aren't sure you can jump head first just yet. You can click on the pictures below to go to the grade level you want to check out. I am working on notebooks for literature right now, and I will be adding 1st, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, too. So much on my to-do list :) I also inserted some pics of the notebooks in action so you can get an idea of what the pages will look like.



Now, on to Meg's huge giveaway. Click on the button below to be magically whisked away to her post that has the Rafflecopter you use to enter. Remember, though, make haste because this giveaway is open for 2 days only. 48 hours and it's closed! Don't dawdle now!

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!
**Please excuse any typos as I don't have the super power of being perfect :)

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