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Brainy Apples: My Truth Monday...Once Again on Tuesday!
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My Truth Monday...Once Again on Tuesday!

Here is #2 in the My Truth Monday series...things that creep me out. If you are enjoying reading all about us, then you should totally head on over to Sunny Days in Second Grade and link up yourself! Just click on the button below and it will zip you right over!

Now, here is My Truth!

Thanks for stopping by to read My Truth Creepy Edition!
If you are looking for my favorite thing about fall, click here.

Thanks for reading!
**Please excuse any typos as I don't have the super power of being perfect :)

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1 comment:

  1. Tongue, intestine, and brain! Yuck! I forgot those on my list but count me in. Those are way creepy!

    Rooting for Third Grade