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Brainy Apples: Best and Most Linky Party
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Best and Most Linky Party

We are super excited to link up with Christina over at Bunting, Book, and Bainbridge! Like in high school, she is hosting this really fun "Best..... & Most....." superlatives linky party where we get to highlight some of our product superlatives. Fun!

My "Teacher's Pet" is my most popular item, Close Read Comprehension Question Stems for Literature and Informational Texts. This product can work for grades 1-5 and it provides an easy way to integrate reading into science and social studies. If you haven't heard of Close Reads yet, you will love them when you do!I have been doing some summer reading to further my own knowledge of Close Reads, and this product will make writing higher-level questions so much easier! Each stem is labeled with the anchor standard AND Bloom's Taxonomy level.

"Most Likely to Help Students Succeed" goes to my monthly Daily Math Reviews. I created these spiraling reviews so you can either quickly preview skills before you teach them or reinforce skills after you have taught them. Don't let the preview pic fool you.....I have a Daily Math Review for every month for grades 1-5....and if I don't have it made yet for the month and grade level, it will be completed very soon. I am currently working on September for all grades levels and will be starting on October very soon. If you click on the link you will be taken to my September review for 4th grade, but you can use the custom category tabs on the left side of the page to go to a specific grade level.

Lastly, I award my "Best Couples" award to two of my math assessment packs for 3rd grade (again, don't be fooled! I will have these completed for grades 1-5, as well. These are currently a work-in-progress, too). There will be an assessment for each domain for each grade level. Each assessment pack includes a pre and post-assessment for the whole domain as well as for EACH standard. That means some of my packs have up to 20 assessments or more! The preview features my 3rd Grade Number and Operations in Base pack and my 3rd Grade Operations and Algebraic Thinking pack. 

AND be sure to hit TpT tomorrow and Monday for our site-wide Back to School Sale! TpT is offering 10% off ALL items and I am throwing in an extra 20% off ALL items in the 2 Brainy Apples store! NOW is the time to get started on clearing our your wish list. Be sure to use promo code BTS13 to get that extra 10% from TpT!

**Please excuse any typos as I don't have the super power of being perfect :)
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