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Brainy Apples: I'm Goin' on a Blog Hunt! Wanna Join Me????
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I'm Goin' on a Blog Hunt! Wanna Join Me????

As sad as I was when Google Reader left, I quickly realized when I began using Bloglovin', there was no reason to be sad anymore! As much as I enjoyed Google Reader, I am able to sort the blogs I love into categories with Bloglovin'....perfect for the obsessive organizer in me! I hate just a string of posts. But with Bloglovin' I can sort those posts into categories, so when I just want to read about technology integration, I can quickly jump to those blogs that focus on this. Sure, it took a little bit of exploring to get a handle on it as it does with anything "new", but after a couple of days, I feel like Bloglovin' will be a great replacement for Google Reader.

I have also heard about Feedly, which has an app for your smart phone or tablet. Basically it takes all the RSS feeds from your favorite blogs (or news sources, magazines, etc.) and the story opens up right in the app, so you don't have multiple applications running. For those of you using Pulse, it is similar. But the blogs you follow would have to use an RSS feed subscription option so you would get the stories delivered through your app, and not all the blogs I follow have this. I did follow the blogs I love using Feedly, and I do love how I can open the app and all the blogs are there, just like Pulse, where I can easily open the ones I want to read. I am just sad that not all my fav blogs have a "Subscribe using RSS" sign-up. One cool feature is that you can mark a post as "Save for Later" if you want to read it but don't have the time, and you know that it will get bumped down by new posts from that site.

Curious to see if Bloglovin' had an app, I checked my Play Store (I have an android-based phone) and it sure does. The nice thing about this app for me is that since I imported my Google Reader into Bloglovin', all my blogs are there. With Feedly I would have to hand enter all of them :( I think if I had imported my Google Reader into Feedly, I wouldn't have this issue. Oops!

I will most likely use Bloglovin' since I imported my Google Reader blogs before it went bye-bye. But, honestly, I like they layout of Feedly much better on my phone. Which one are you going to use?

If you forgot (or didn't realize you had to) import your blogs into one of the above, and you are left with nothing, don't fret, we are linking up with Laura Candler over at Corkboard Connections for a Goin' on a Blog Hunt linky! Yay! LOTS of your fav blogs are linked up, and there plenty of new ones to discover and follow.

Check out the party going on below and start huntin'!

What is THIS blog about???
If you have stumbled across my blog during your hunt, I am focusing on all things education drawing on my experience as a classroom teacher for 13 years, grades K-5. You will find helpful tips, strategies, activities for teaching content, organization, and more. My favorite assignment I had during my teaching years was when I was an Instructional Coach because I was able to work with teachers on improving and fine-tuning their classroom instruction and assessment, and I was able to work with children, too. I love curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and that is what this blog is about....with a little of my own personal life thrown in (3 kids, a football coach husband, baking, traveling, DIY projects that sometimes go get the picture). I do hope you will follow using the Bloglovin' button on the right sidebar and join my journey!


  1. Replies
    1. I love linky parties. So glad you made it over this way!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I have found so many new blogs today!

  3. I am your newest bloglovin follower. I just downloaded one of your freebies on TPT and love it! Can't wait to get more! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out the link at

    I can't wait to read more of your posts!

    Jennifer :)