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Brainy Apples: Idea for Word Wall
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Idea for Word Wall

We all know how important incorporating word walls are into our daily activities. Students in grades K-5 all benefit from learning how to utilize this important tool. Most of the time teachers purchase already made word walls with the letter cards and word cards. Some teacher would rather make their own. I have done both. This is the last word wall I created and I have been using it for years. Instead of the traditional letter cards, or letters with familiar objects or animals that begin with that letter, I decided to have flags from around the world. Not only were they fun to make, but my students LOVE trying to figure out each country. It really motivates them to get on the computer and do a little research to figure out the countries each flag represents. I have also found it to be a great time filler for those early finishers. They hop on the desktops in the classroom and dig to see who can find out all the countries first :) Do you have any good ideas for your word wall you would like to share?